Nonprofit Compensation Report FAQs

What is the salary survey?
The National Council of Nonprofits has partnered with Columbia Books to conduct a large-scale national nonprofit compensation survey to give your members information that will help them hire and retain employees at competitive and appropriate salary levels. The data should also be used by boards of directors to review the compensation of the highest paid staff member(s) to ensure they are appropriately compensated.

o  This type of comparability analysis is part of the board’s due diligence and fiduciary duty. The IRS expects boards to conduct this analysis. Read about the board’s role in approving executive compensation at the National Council’s website. Members of participating State Associations who fill out the survey will receive a free state-specific report, assuming that 100+ responses are received from nonprofits in your state.)

Who is participating in the survey?
Any 501(c)(3), (4), (5), or (6) organization with paid staff. The survey will not be relevant to all-volunteer organizations. Private Foundations can take the survey too. There is a special section of the survey for charitable nonprofits (with the designation 501(c)(3)) so their responses can be compared to the responses of other charitable nonprofits.

What does “Confidential coding” mean?
Every organization that takes the survey will receive a unique “ID code” that identifies that organization but maintains its confidentiality. This way the survey participants will be able to compare the responses of their organization to others (but they won’t know the actual identity of the organizations you are comparing yours to – only their characteristics, such as budget size, number of employees and mission focus.)

How do I know if my organization is a member of SCANPO?
Email or call us at (803)929.0399

Does the survey include questions about employee benefits too?
The survey questions are primarily about salary, but there are a few basic questions about benefits at the end.

What will the final report include?
o Hard data to use to analyze your nonprofit’s salary structure
o Specific market salary information for over 100 positions with easy-to-read charts that include median salaries, average salaries and more
o Changes in nonprofit pay levels from one year to the next
o Salary differences by region, budget, and staff size
o Confidential coding so that all participants can compare their own pay levels to comparable nonprofit organizations

Is the survey confidential?
Absolutely. The user interface is encrypted and each survey participant is given a confidential ID to review your results in the final report. This way survey participants can compare the responses of their organization to others (but you won’t know the actual identity of the organizations you are comparing yours to – only their characteristics, such as budget size, number of employees and mission focus.)

We ask for your contact information to ensure that you receive the correct discount (free report for members, discounted for non-members) The State Association Project Coordinator may also use this information to contact you should analysts need clarification on your responses.

We don’t want to participate; we just want the survey report. Can we do that?

Yes, however you will have to pay more for the report than if you were a member. If you are a member and don’t participate you will receive a 50% discount on the report when it is available. Once you are a member we will give you the coupon code.

NOTE: The full retail price of this report is $150 for non-participating, non-members. There is a 50% discount on the report if you are a member which means that you will be receiving the report for $75 – This savings alone provides significant value for SCANPO. Click here for more information on membership and the additional benefits available to members.