SC Dept. of Rev. Security Breach & Possible Impact on Nonprofits

Many thanks to Jackie Breland for her research and the following update for SC’s nonprofits. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

From Jackie Breland

It was reported today that as many as 657,000 South Carolina businesses had their tax information stolen in the security breach at the South Carolina Department of Revenue. This is the same security breach that also affected 3.6 million individuals living in South Carolina. Originally, the officials from South Carolina Department of Revenue believed that businesses were not exposed, but that apparently is not the case.

Like South Carolina individual taxpayers, South Carolina’s businesses will be able to obtain free credit monitoring. Businesses (and we are assuming at this point that this may include nonprofit organizations that file SC Form 990-T returns with the South Carolina Department of Revenue) that have filed returns in South Carolina can sign up for lifetime record monitoring from Experian starting today, and from Dun & Bradstreet, starting on Friday, November 2, 2012.

Here are the steps that we recommend you take as a South Carolina business:

1)      Sign up for free lifetime monitoring for businesses starting today. Go to:

2)      Sign up for free lifetime monitoring from Dun & Bradstreet through their “Credibility Corp” division, starting at 8:00 a.m., Friday, November 2, 2012.  Go to or call: 800 / 279-9881. There is no registration deadline.

If you are a nonprofit organization that does not file a Form SC 990-T in South Carolina, we will be back in touch with you when we find out additional information about how this South Carolina Department of Revenue security breach may impact you.

Thank you.

Jackie Breland, CPA



  1. Madeleine S McGee says:

    Friday update.

    Jackie Breland spoke with the SC Sec. of State’s office. They said that there was no breach of their nonprofit records, and that the FEIN # for South Carolina nonprofits that file 990s with their office are not in their “systems” per se.

  2. Madeleine S McGee says:

    Friday afternoon update: SC Dept. of Revenue says any form filed with them, including the 990-T used to report Unrelated Business Income Tax, “would be something to address.” SCANPO files the 990-T form. We will continue to investigate.

    If your nonprofit has no Unrelated Business Taxable Income and has only filed a federal 990, you should be ok.

  3. Madeleine S McGee says:

    Saturday Update

    Any SC nonprofit organization that has filed a 990-T (for unrelated business income taxes) as part of their annual 990 filing in any year since 1998 may have had their tax information (i.e., FEIN #) stolen as part of the security breach of the SC Dept. of Revenue (SCDOR) in October 2012.

    If your nonprofit filed a 990-T, SCANPO strongly encourages you to follow SCDOR’s recommendations for businesses:

    1) Sign up for free lifetime monitoring for businesses through Experian, by going to the following web site:

    2) Sign up for free lifetime monitoring from Dun & Bradstreet:, or call: 800-279-9881.

    We have registered SCANPO with both. When we called D&B, they were very helpful. Took us 15 minutes. Do it now before you forget!


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