What will the Elections mean for your Nonprofit?

How to Make Your Voice Heard: A Post-Election Playbook for Nonprofit Advocacy – Webinar with The Chronicle of Philanthropy


Even before voters head to the polls, nonprofits are facing unprecedented pressure. Budget shortfalls have prompted the federal government and states from coast-to-coast to slash billions from nonprofits. Candidates from both parties are proposing plans that would limit tax incentives for charitable giving. And the increasingly partisan political climate is putting many organizations in the political crosshairs.

Yet many nonprofits remain silent in the face of these challenges – wary of rules that limit what tax-exempt groups can say and do.

Nonprofit leaders are, however, able to effectively advocate on their own behalf –and The Chronicle has assembled a panel of advocacy experts who will offer a post-election playbook for how to get your organization’s voice heard.

Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy for a special post-election Webinar that will examine the political landscape and explore its implications for nonprofits. Learn how your organization can prove that money spent on its programs is a sound investment. By exploring concrete examples, understand your legal rights that show how your nonprofit can develop an effective advocacy strategy.


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