Let’s Advocate Together. For Good.


Our tagline, “Together. For Good.,” conveys the community good we all aim to accomplish. It also tells how we aim to make this happen – by working together.

SCANPO’s inaugural South Carolina Nonprofits Together. For Good. Advocacy Award recognizes two distinguished  SC legislators who worked together to bring about good that will benefit all nonprofits.

After years of failed attempts to unravel the unnecessary illegality of raffles, these men came together and made it happen in 2013. Thanks to Senator Ray Cleary of Georgetown and Representative Jim Merrill of Daniel Island, we saw passage of two bills that pave the way for legalizing nonprofit raffles for charitable purposes.

Bright and early on Tuesday, February 11th during the morning plenary, we will thank them and invite all who worked on these bills to join us for a photo afterwards.

This session will also include presentation of our 2014 Erin Hardwick Award for Nonprofit Excellence and the Francis Marion University NPLI Award for Nonprofit Leadership! There is much to learn from this year’s winners.

Finally, I also encourage our Public Policy Partners and “advocacy junkies” to join me for Monday’s workshop, “Nonprofit Advocacy 201.” Funded in part by a grant from the TD Charitable Foundation, this workshop will bring together leaders deep in state level public policy work to continue our efforts “advocating together for good.”

Registration is still open for the Summit. We expect nearly 500 of your nonprofit peers.

Think how much we can learn from one another!

Yours in service,

Madeleine McGee
President, SCANPO

P.S.  For more charitable raffles and next steps visit our website.