Guiding Principles & Best Practices, third edition

The South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO) is pleased to share with you the third edition of Guiding Principles & Best Practices (GP&BP). This edition is published as SCANPO celebrates 15 years of service.

Rooted in the extensive work done by South Carolina’s most respected nonprofit leaders, professional advisors and volunteer experts over the past 15 years, this publication incorporates today’s best thinking about nonprofit effectiveness and aims to inspire greater accountability, dialogue, continuous learning, and strategic decision-making among nonprofits board members, executives and staff.

SCANPO’s ultimate goal is that, through widespread adoption of these principles and practices, South Carolina nonprofits will have a positive impact on their communities, remain relevant, achieve sustainability and operate with accountability, all the while preserving the trust and confidence of the public, whose continued support is critical to the sector’s vitality.


Guiding Principles & Best Practices (GP&BP) is currently available to SCANPO Nonprofit Members.
The Third Edition is now Out of Print.

Nonprofit members must log into the member-only side,then click here to download the PDF for your organization’s usage. If you need help with username or password, contact us. We will be happy to help.

NEW! Our Social Media Addendum to the Guiding Principles & Best Practices, written by Kivi Leroux Miller of, is now available to the public. SCANPO thanks the Central Carolina Community Foundation for their generous support in producing this addendum!

Business & Grantmaker Members, associate members, academic institutions and associations are invited to contact Madeleine McGee,, to learn how you can utilize this terrific training tool.


Nonprofit leaders are using the GP&BP:

• As an assessment tool to gain insight into organizational strengths and opportunities

• For strategic decision-making, perhaps as part of board retreat

• To encourage conversation on critical issues at board and committee meetings

• To measure progress and celebrate accomplishments


A special thank you the volunteer editorial team. Without their commitment and expertise this project would not have been possible.