Understanding The New Framework

SCANPO’s Guiding Principles & Best Practices, third edition is written to meet the needs of all nonprofit organizations – large and small. We aim to provide nonprofit leaders with a reference to navigate board and staff responsibilities and accountabilities, whether the organization is just starting out, or is well established. Adherence to these principles and practices is not mandatory and may take many years to achieve. However, SCANPO believes that all well-run nonprofit organizations will have evidence of these principles and best practices integrated within their organizations.

The organizing structure has been redesigned to create a more useful document. The language has been simplified and the content made more exact, especially in the Best Practices. The “voice” is intentionally active and directive. The Best Practices continue to be organized within nine Guiding Principles that address the nine specific strategic and operational focus areas considered critical to effective nonprofit leadership and management.

Each section now includes the following components:

  • Guiding Principle: This single statement describes the standard of organizational conduct and management.
  • Core Elements: These define the essential areas of work that underpin the Guiding Principle.
  • Best Practices: Practices are recommended methods – activities, processes and structures – associated with each Core Element. The order reflects a general sense of priority or sequencing of work.
  • Lead: Circles allow you to consider whether the board or CEO/executive director has responsibility to lead in ensuring the particular Best Practice is achieved.
  • Status: Circles encourage you to assess the current state of the Best Practices in your organization, to identify those that have been accomplished, or are in progress, and those that require attention and work.