SCANPO’s Board Member Responsibility Statement

2013 -2014 Board Member Agreement

Adopted April 2013


As a member of the Board of Directors of South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO), I am fully committed to its mission of “serving, supporting and strengthening nonprofit organizations for a better South Carolina” and have pledged to carry out this mission.  I understand my duties and responsibilities, which include the following:


•  I am fiscally responsible, along with other board members, for this organization.  I will make a point to know what our budget is and take an active part in reviewing, approving and monitoring the budget.

•  I know my legal responsibilities for this organization and accept that the Board is responsible for overseeing the strategic implementation of policies and programs.

•  I accept SCANPO’S Bylaws and operating principles and understand that I am responsible for the health and well being of SCANPO.

•  I agree to sign SCANPO’s statement regarding Conflict of Interest.

•  I, or my organization, will join SCANPO as a member.

•  I will give what is for me a significant personal financial donation.  I may give this as a one-time donation each year, or I may pledge to give a certain amount several times during the year. (Please complete form below.)

•  I will actively engage in recruiting members and fundraising for SCANPO.  This may include individual solicitation, undertaking special events, writing mail appeals, etc.  I am making a good faith agreement to do my best to raise support for SCANPO. Specifically, I commit to making 24 contacts to recruit members during FY 13-14.

•  I will attend, or be available by phone, all quarterly board meetings, including board retreats when called. If illness or other personal situation precludes meeting this goal, I will inform the chair, or president, by phone or in writing.

•  I will serve on at least one committee and attend, or be available by phone for the majority of committee meetings.

•  I will attend, at my expense, SCANPO’s annual Summit, and other events as possible.

•  I will assist staff and our regional partners in organizing and helping lead SCANPO’s regional outreach efforts.

•  I will suggest to the SCANPO Governance Committee board nominees who can make significant contributions of time and resources to help lead the organization.

•  If I am unable to meet my obligations as a board member, I will offer my resignation.


Board members are asked to make a personal gift commensurate with their ability.  This can be pledged and paid over the course of the year.  The proposed FY13-14 budget includes $6,700 to be raised from SCANPO’s 21 Board members.  This would mean an average gift of $320.  The goal will be finalized based upon Board pledges submitted.


Enclosed is my FY 2013 -2014 gift of $________

I pledge to give $________  to be paid in _____ installments of $______ and completed by June 30, 2014. SCANPO will send reminders one month before.


In signing this document, I understand that no quotas are being set and no rigid standards of measurement and achievement are being formed.


Signed_______________________________________________  Date _________

SCANPO Board Member


Accepted By:


Signed_______________________________________________  Date _________

Jill Bramblett, SCANPO 2013-2014 Board Chair