What People Say

“This HUGE note of thanks is for what you have done, and do continue to do for so many non-profits each year! I know the workshops I participated in (at the 2012 Nonprofit Conference) were very well attended, and the feedback to the speakers very positive. I know the contacts I made were wonderful, and it’s great to see such synergy in place for a number of future needs. Your work does go noticed, and your role is greatly appreciated! As a small contributor in this great big world I am thankful and grateful to you all for leadership, commitment to growing, and sharing, and believe what you do truly keeps many in the game!”
-Chris Winkler

“I would like to thank you & your amazing staff for such a wonderful conference! The information shared during this year’s events was timely and will be useful to me as I continue my work in the nonprofit sector. Thank you all for all that you do to strengthen SC’s nonprofit community. See you next year in Greenville!”
-Zenica Chatman

“Congratulations!! SCANPO’s 15th Annual Conference was a success because of the teams dedication. It’s always great working with such a group of dedicated professionals. Kudos to you all!!”
-Anita Garrett

“Thanks for all you do for our state & for letting us be a part of your conference.”
-Jim DeMint

“Congratulations to SCANPO on a great Conference. I’m pleased to be serving on the Board and glad I was able to participate in the Conference. Keep up the good work.”
-Ted Hendry

“Congratulations on what I believe to have been the BEST Annual Conference SCANPO has ever hosted. That is saying a lot from a past Conference chair!! It was so well attended (evidence of how much better the organization is viewed in the state) and the presenters were excellent…the venue was also very good! A homerun!”