Member Spotlight: Tell Them, Columbia

We recently sat down with Eme Crawford, associate director of online communications for Tell Them, a program of the New Morning Foundation, a statewide, reproductive health-focused foundation based in Columbia. In addition to making grants to improve reproductive health education and clinical access for citizens under age 30, the Foundation is committed to serving as a leading advocate for improving the state's sexual health policies. Eme shared with us the mission of the organization, how … [Read more...]

Hot off the Presses! Legal Checklist Addendum to Guiding Principles!

We promised this at the Nonprofit Summit, and now it is ready! Check out the new Legal Checklist for Nonprofits! This document provides SC-specific links and resources for determining regulatory compliance. All nonprofit organizations operating in the state of South Carolina should be aware of and in compliance with all legal requirements pertaining to nonprofit management, reporting, and governance. Nonprofits should use this checklist as a starting basis for determining their compliance … [Read more...]

Charitable Raffles have been Ratified! Raffles can begin April 4!

Yesterday, the State Senate gave third reading to the Bill to Ratify the Constitutional Amendment to legalize charitable raffles! Today, it was officially made an Act of the General Assembly, and now the countdown begins! 30 Days from today, on April 4th, the new Raffle Law will officially go into effect! Here's an updated FAQ on Charitable Raffles! Here's the Official Announcement from the Secretary of State: South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond announced today that the … [Read more...]

Apply by April 1 to be a Metanoia Fellow!

Are you ready to work with communities to build a brighter future for the upper portions of Charleston's peninsula? Apply by April 1 to be a Metanoia Fellow. Metanoia is looking for members of their first-ever class of Fellows. In this two-year paid position, you will learn advanced community organizing, transformational leadership, fundraising and organizational leadership. Under the leadership of award-winning community development organization Metanoia, you will work with communities … [Read more...]

Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County wins Nonprofit Excellence Award

During the 2015 South Carolina Nonprofit Summit held at the Wild Dunes Resort this week, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County was presented the South Carolina Nonprofit Excellence Award from the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO). Monroe Free, president and CEO of the Upstate-based organization, was presented the award by Coby Hennecy, executive director of South Carolina ETV, recipient of last year’s award. “To be recognized by our peers for excellence … [Read more...]

Now Available! Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofits!

Has your organization started using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc? Do you embrace the brave new world of the Internet boldly, and use it to communicate with your stakeholders, clients, and donors, or have the horror-stories of corporate social media faux pas soured you on the whole idea? Is your organization looking to improve its facebook and twitter presence? Worry no more! Thanks to Kivi Leroux Miller of and the Central … [Read more...]

Are you prepared to vote wisely tomorrow?

It's crunch time! Are you prepared to vote wisely tomorrow? Now is the time for us to be a powerful and unified voice for the nonprofit community so we can realize our vision of a better future for all South Carolinians. Click here to find your polling place. Below is important information on two key areas of tomorrow's ballot that will affect nonprofit organizations: 1. CHARITABLE RAFFLES  Be sure to VOTE YES on the first Constitutional Amendment on the ballot. Simply put, this will make … [Read more...]

Ballot Language for Raffle Amendment has been Approved!

FROM THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: The Attorney General chairs the Constitutional Ballot Commission. The commission met on Wednesday, Aug. 6, to approve explanations for the two constitutional amendments on the November general election ballot. See below for the two explanations for the amendments which will appear on ballots in the November 4, 2014, General Election: Amendment 1 Must Section 7, Article XVII of the Constitution of this State be amended so as to provide that a raffle is … [Read more...]

United Way of Anderson and SCANPO Announce New Partnership

[Read more...]

Don’t miss this Aug. 21 Webinar! Maximizing the Fundraising Potential of Your Donor Database

AUGUST 21 @ 2:30PM - 4:00PM You just never know what you'll uncover if you start digging around in the information you have about your donors.  And you wonder what would happen if you actually, once-and-for-all, get it organized. Well that donor data knowledge is power.  And Firespring CEO Jay Wilkinson is ready to give you the power to maximize the fundraising potential. By the end of the webinar you'll really get to know your donors, in a statistical sense.  Which, in turn will allow you to … [Read more...]