Now Available! Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofits!

Has your organization started using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc? Do you embrace the brave new world of the Internet boldly, and use it to communicate with your stakeholders, clients, and donors, or have the horror-stories of corporate social media faux pas soured you on the whole idea? Is your organization looking to improve its facebook and twitter presence? Worry no more! Thanks to Kivi Leroux Miller of and the Central … [Read more...]

Are you prepared to vote wisely tomorrow?

It's crunch time! Are you prepared to vote wisely tomorrow? Now is the time for us to be a powerful and unified voice for the nonprofit community so we can realize our vision of a better future for all South Carolinians. Click here to find your polling place. Below is important information on two key areas of tomorrow's ballot that will affect nonprofit organizations: 1. CHARITABLE RAFFLES  Be sure to VOTE YES on the first Constitutional Amendment on the ballot. Simply put, this will make … [Read more...]

Ballot Language for Raffle Amendment has been Approved!

FROM THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: The Attorney General chairs the Constitutional Ballot Commission. The commission met on Wednesday, Aug. 6, to approve explanations for the two constitutional amendments on the November general election ballot. See below for the two explanations for the amendments which will appear on ballots in the November 4, 2014, General Election: Amendment 1 Must Section 7, Article XVII of the Constitution of this State be amended so as to provide that a raffle is … [Read more...]

United Way of Anderson and SCANPO Announce New Partnership

[Read more...]

Don’t miss this Aug. 21 Webinar! Maximizing the Fundraising Potential of Your Donor Database

AUGUST 21 @ 2:30PM - 4:00PM You just never know what you'll uncover if you start digging around in the information you have about your donors.  And you wonder what would happen if you actually, once-and-for-all, get it organized. Well that donor data knowledge is power.  And Firespring CEO Jay Wilkinson is ready to give you the power to maximize the fundraising potential. By the end of the webinar you'll really get to know your donors, in a statistical sense.  Which, in turn will allow you to … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Legal Pitfalls to Avoid: Worker’s Comp, FOIA, Raffles, and Alcohol!

If you are not an attorney, you might have missed this month's issue of South Carolina Lawyer (A publication of the SC Bar), which has a great article by esteemed attorney and former SC DOR Director Burnie Maybank, and USC Law student Chris Hampton. This article covers your pressing questions on four important topics: 1) Worker's Compensation Insurance: Nonprofits are not exempt! If you have four or more employees, you are required to have it! And if you don't, it's still a good idea! 2) … [Read more...]

Thinking about Risk, Insurance, or Back-Office Support?

We are glad to pass along two new white papers from our Business Partners, HUB International-Southeast, and the Greyson Group. The first paper, entitled Five Best Practices to Manage Nonprofit Risk and Insurance, contains a few things to think about when shopping for insurance to keep your organization protected. HUB International is an insurance brokerage with offices in Columbia and across the world. The other paper, Not-for-Profit Back Office Functions, discusses ways in which a … [Read more...]

The Sisters of Charity Foundation Announces 2014 Leadership Development and Certificate Programs

It's our mission - and pleasure - to share with you information and learning opportunities that further your reach and impact and ultimately strengthen our state.  The Sisters of Charity Foundation’s Leadership Development and Certificate Programs for 2014 were recently posted and we urge you to explore these opportunities. These are offered (at the Foundation’s expense) to nonprofit and faith based practitioners around South Carolina. These are two great opportunities for growing leadership … [Read more...]

Guiding Principles & Best Practices Workshop in Camden!

Are you passionate about your nonprofit service? Nonprofit leaders from Kershaw County are invited to attend a Guiding Principles & Best Practices Workshop, with Ellen Stevenson of SCANPO. Rooted in extensive work done by SC’s most respected nonprofit leaders, the third edition incorporates today’s best thinking about nonprofit effectiveness. Learn how to assess a nonprofit organization’s effectiveness relative to the Guiding Principles & Best Practices and develop strategies for … [Read more...]

Sharing Updates with SC ETV Radio

SC ETV Radio's program, the SC Business Review with host Mike Switzer, interviewed SCANPO President, Madeleine McGee on Friday, March 14. Madeleine shared an overview of the recent 2014 Together. For Good. Nonprofit Summit held in Charleston in February. Listen to the interview in podcast format online. … [Read more...]