With hands joined across our state, South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO) serves the thousands of South Carolinians dedicated to community service, leadership and caring through nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

Founded in 1997, SCANPO is the only statewide membership organization and network that brings together nonprofit leaders to strengthen the state's entire nonprofit sector.

We are run by nonprofit leaders, for nonprofit leaders.

We believe that well-managed and responsibly governed nonprofits result in stronger and healthier South Carolina communities.



Our board uses its mission, vision and values to guide all decision-making, understanding that its primary responsibility is oversight of our mission. Our services and programs are simply mechanisms used to achieve that mission. SCANPO'S purpose or, mission, is to:

Serve, support and strengthen nonprofits for a better South Carolina.

We work to achieve our mission by:

  • building the knowledge network
  • promoting collaboration and
  • strengthening our collective voice.


We invite you to join SCANPO, and help us realize our desired future, or vision, for the sector:

We envision a future in which South Carolina’s nonprofit sector has the knowledge, resources, public trust and legislative environment necessary for them to positively impact the lives of South Carolina residents.


Our core values are our beliefs and established guidelines that let you know how our staff and the organization itself will behave, include:

  1. Integrity – We promise to be accountable, transparent, fair, honest, and to take an integrated approach to our work.
  2. Leadership – We strive to be a “thought leader,” influencing the sector by providing knowledge, resources, guidance and exposure to innovative ideas and national trends.
  3. Superior Service – We take pride in our work and in our service to our members, making sure their membership dollars are well invested.
  4. Collaboration – We will lead through collaboration with our members and partners to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


These principles convey our commitment to:

  1. Advancing the vital role of nonprofit organizations in South Carolina.
  2. Continuous improvement with innovation and learning as daily activities.
  3. Providing reliable, timely, knowledge and service to our members and partners.
  4. Including, celebrating and utilizing the rich diversity of our state.
  5. Measuring outcomes and demonstrating results in all of our activities.
  6. Responsible stewardship and sustainability of our work.
  7. Modeling our "Guiding Principles & Best Practices."
  8. Being an integral part of national field of statewide nonprofit associations and the larger nonprofit sector.



Our logo – hands firmly shaking across the state – reflects SCANPO’s core value of collaboration and our bold vision for a vital and effective nonprofit sector. The bright teal-blue color conveys optimism and impact.


Our tagline – “together. for good.” – tells how we will move forward, and why.