Telling Your Story in Today’s Digital Culture

  Join us for a Nonprofit Luncheon Seminar featuring Phil Cooke, Ph.D., Internationally Known Writer and Speaker and sponsored by SCANPO & The Charleston Leadership Foundation. As a nonprofit leader in today’s media-driven culture, your greatest challenge is getting your work noticed. We live in the most distracted and disrupted age in history. As a result, in spite of doing significant and extraordinary work, you may feel like you’re the “best kept secret in town.” In this … [Read more...]

SCANPO Staff At Your Service

In this day of 24/7 communications, we know members need quick responses to their questions. The SCANPO staff has as its goal returning your call or email within 24 hours.  That's why we want you to know that Earthlink - our telephone and internet provider -  has been having problems and the office has been without service on several occasions this spring.  If you call and the person answering doesn't hear you or the phones aren't answered, you can bet that's the problem.  The best method of … [Read more...]

Nonprofits Gain Attention Through YouTube

Online video can be an incredibly powerful tool for nonprofits who know how to harness its power. A great video has the potential to capture the heads and minds of millions! Where To Start At the 2011 member meeting of the of the National Council of Nonprofits presenters shared these helpful online resources in their session "The Power of Video." - HOW TO: Create Videos for Your Nonprofit without a Video Camera, a Budget of $0, and Little-to-No Tech Skills - Youtube Nonprofit Program - … [Read more...]

CreateAthon® Now Accepting Applications

Pro Bono Creative Marketing Services for Nonprofits - Deadline July 15 Riggs Partners invites South Carolina nonprofit organizations to submit applications for its annual CreateAthon® event to be held September 15-16, 2011. CreateAthon is a 24-hour blitz during which Riggs Partners provides creative marketing services to nonprofit organizations on a pro bono basis. This year marks the 14th consecutive year that Riggs Partners has held this community service event. Since the inception of … [Read more...]

Shine the Light on Your Nonprofit

We know you are doing great things in your community, but how do you let everyone else know?  Are your special events truly special, or are they a little "meh?'  Do you know who is visiting your website and how to maximize their interest?  What is your organization's brand? Maybe your org could use a little PR tune-up. DNA Creative Communications, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greenville and Dixon Hughes Goodman, are offering a series of workshops that can help you get your … [Read more...]