Member Purchasing Power Program

SCANPO seeks to leverage group-buying power to secure favorable prices for quality products and services that nonprofits need. Our hope is that by helping nonprofits reduce administrative costs, they can direct more of their resources to mission and program related activities.

Current vendor offerings are posted on the members-only section of the website and include discounts and reduced rates for:

  • Email Newsletter and Marketing services
  • Unemployment insurance alternatives
  • Teleconferencing services
  • National learning organizations like Idealware & BoardSource.

Many members find such savings more than cover the cost of membership. Call your SCANPO staff to learn more.


Our Purchasing Power Program Philosophy

SCANPO actively seeks relationships with vendors who provide needed products and services for South Carolina’s nonprofit sector.  When SCANPO considers creating a new cost savings program, we utilize an approach adopted from a sister nonprofit state association referred to as  “three legged stool.”  Experience has shown that the strongest vendor relationships incorporate and embrace the following three components:

  1. Member Benefit – This relationship must provide SCANPO’s nonprofit members exclusive access to discounted or enhanced goods and services that they could not get otherwise on the open market.  SCANPO is particularly sensitive to this component given our mission.
  2. Vendor Benefit – This relationship must make sound business sense for the vendor.  Vendors benefit by gaining targeted access to the third largest economic sector in South Carolina and product or service endorsement by SCANPO.
  3. SCANPO Benefit – This relationship must provide SCANPO (the organization) with an income stream to further support our mission and membership.  SCANPO’s business model is structured to maximize earned income to enhance long-term organizational sustainability.  Since SCANPO is a membership organization, at a minimum all vendors seeking endorsements of SCANPO will maintain an annual business partner membership at the appropriate level.

It is our intent to structure all vendor relationships based on the three legged stool and work to see them thrive over time.  In all vendor relationships, SCANPO commits to investing time and energy in marketing and promoting the vendor relationship and providing connections to our members.  In return, we ask that vendors view this relationship as an investment in nonprofits and SCANPO that will pay dividends in the future for all involved.  If vendor relationships are well structured, SCANPO and our members will thrive and the vendor’s program will succeed.

Vendor Selection Process

SCANPO aims to use a standard process to identify potential programs to offer to our members.  That process begins with periodic polling of our membership to identify needs and priorities for products and services.  Once a need has been identified, SCANPO researches vendors that may be able to provide a solution and generally issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit formal proposals.  RFPs require interested vendors to outline their scope of services, reputation, references, proposed products and services, price and distribution channels, other benefits to members, earned income for SCANPO, and other important information.  Proposals are then evaluated and a selection made if an appropriate partner is identified.  SCANPO reserves the right to forego the RFP process if circumstances warrant.

SCANPO does not accept unsolicited proposals for discount programs and vendor relationships.  However, we do encourage vendors to contact us to inquire about priorities and to educate us about their products and services.  Some programs researched and selected may result in exclusive product promotion arrangements, while others may not.

Vendor questions or inquiries should be made to SCANPO

Vendor collateral with letters of inquiry may be sent to SCANPO | 400 Arbor Lake Drive | Suite B-500 | Columbia, SC 29223.