Regional Outreach

SCANPO encourages collaboration among nonprofits, and we believe that working locally is often the most effective way to aggregate resources and make the strongest impact. Through our regional outreach, we seek to offer training programs and learning opportunities that bring nonprofit leaders together in their own backyard, so they can learn together and lay the groundwork for partnership and collaboration where possible.

To keep abreast of  nonprofit news and events in your specific region, stay tuned to SCANPO’s blog for events and training opportunities in your region (highlighted to the right of this page). We also welcome your input to our blog to help keep us up to date.

SCANPO can be a valuable resource for your nonprofit by connecting you with potential funding sources in your region. Through our alliances with regional Chambers of Commerce, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and other organizations, we can help direct you to possible resources.

Interested in hosting a nonprofit gathering in your community?

SCANPO gladly supports regional gatherings and efforts to work together please feel free to email Madeleine McGee with any information or details.